The Thorn Campaign | Electronic | Tribal Fusion

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This dark, foreboding, but oddly euphoric new album from Jeremiah Soto centers around the theme of persecution of the just. The thorns are the persecutors, using the dictionary definition of a thorn being a source of discomfort, annoyance, and difficulty; an irritation or obstacle. It refers to certain recent problems that have arisen, but by using music as his catharsis, Jeremiah has channeled negative emotions into positive sound waves, from melancholic inspirations such as on ‘Beggar’s Lullaby’ through to the subterranean insomnia anxieties of ‘The Burden Of Sleep’. These themes transfer musically into densely layered levels of samples, beats, bass, and shoegaze synths. There are nods towards his Arabic percussion roots, especially on tracks like ‘Lose Karma’, and glitchy Indian instrumentation and vocals on the uncompromisingly named ‘I Want You Headless’. Equally there is strong indie rock feel, and even early electro, for example on ‘Flesh Will Fall’, which actually tips a nod to Kraftwerk and/or Gary Numan. But ostensibly this is dark global beats, with more edge than an Swiss Army knife. And this time it’s personal.


    1. Feed The Muse
    2. Flesh Will Fail
    3. Cut The Pig
    4. Lose Karma
    5. Beggars Lullaby
    6. Entrenched Psychosis
    7. I Want You Headless
    8. Liar
    9. The Burden of Sleep
    10. Cut The Pig – Vegan Mix