The Gathering Season | Belly Dance Music by Solace

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Imagine yourself lost in the deserts of the Sudan. The wind blows strong, unrelentless in your ears as if singing the sounds of a wailing flute. Far off in the distance you see a caravan silhouetted against the dusk lit horizon, lumbering its way to an unknown land. Sarangi is heard in the darkening sky, like a sorrowful voice echoing the desire to find what was lost. Thundering percussion rumbles in the east like a charging herd unaware, unsure of what dangers lie ahead. Orchestral arrangements glide on the breath of the wind singing songs of hope and redemption. Begin this 12-chapter tale of lose, searching and discovery by exploring the sound samples of Solace’s third title The Gathering Season. Release date: Summer 1998

    1. Paradise Lost (Kashilama)
    2. Huda (4/4 Malfuf, Ayyub)
    3. Desert Journey (Chifti-telli, Bolero, Saidi, Maqsum)
    4. The Sultan’s Dance (Maqsum)
    5. Aenaem (Samai)
    6. Qabil (6/8)
    7. Eyes Like Cats (Ayyub, Saidi)
    8. Harvest Moon (Saudi)
    9. Saaba (Oud Solo)
    10. Hujayni (4/4)
    11. Sudan (4/4)
    12. Journey’s End (6/8)