Satya | Bellydance | Yoga World Music

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Dark, pulsing and uplifting describes Solace’s 5th CD, which fuses classical Indian vocals and tabla with heavy rhythmic club/dance elements. “The mirror never lies” is the underlying theme, revealing the truth behind the face and the minds eye. Introspective, innovative, prolific, and provoking, Satya takes us into the depths of our conscience, while twisting through rhythmic Indian modes and melodies atop an exquisite layer of loops and arrangements with a hint of electronica.
Release date: Fall 2001

    1. Darban Jooth Na Boley
    2. Khushee Maanao
    3. The Shisha Room
    4. Bhaarat
    5. Nataraja
    6. 1000 Eyes
    7. Saptak
    8. Sair