Rhythm of the Dance | Bellydance Music by Solace

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Rhythm is the heartbeat of most dance styles and reflects the life and meaning of all cultures. Rhythm Of The Dance reflects the diverse and sometimes complicated rhythms of the Middle East. Each piece has its own distinct feel and tempo, moving into crashing, thundering waves of percussion, to the quiet rumble of a calm stream. A great rhythm study for any beginning or intermediate drummer curious about Middle Eastern rhythms. Rhythm chart included in the CD booklet. Release date: Winter 1995

    1. Beledi (4/4)
    2. Chifte-telli (8/4)
    3. Masmoudi (8/4)
    4. Beledi 2 (4/4)
    5. Saidi (4/4)
    6. Kashlima (9/8)
    7. Zar Dance (Ayyub 2/4)
    8. Sword Dance (Routine)
    9. Moroccan (6/8)
    10. Shoush (5/8)
    11. Laz (7/8)