Opium Head | World Music. Electronica. Tribal fusion belly dance music.


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Lose yourself in the intoxicating sounds of OPIUM HEAD. This aural narcotic is an experiment in structure and sound, designed without regard for genre. The songs contained herein are not compositions, but rather arrangements of various Indian Bhangra and Bollywood samples demodulated from their organic forms, modified, then arranged in a rhythmic/melodic mix. The parameter prescribed for this project was to create an organic mix laced with minimal electronica, as compared to an over-the-counter electronic mix dosed with minimal organic sounds. Music is our drug, take a listen and join us in our addiction.


    1. Opium Head
    2. Din
    3. Lost Children
    4. Bounce
    5. Bol Two
    6. Weeping Tree
    7. Sama
    8. Bol One
    9. Forfeit
    10. Sleeping Sober
    11. Innocent One
    12. Minerva Stone *Bonus Track*