Nagari | World Music for Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

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Jeremiah M. Soto has spent the last 6 years constructing and composing what is now called Nagari. It is a mirror into the heart and mind of his pain, struggles, and revelations. Jeremiah’s goal was to produce a CD that was more “human” and not so polished and perfect. Nagari’s raw and organic sound is attributed to Tim Rayborn’s virtuoso string playing, Ruben van Rompaey’s heart felt and driving percussion, and Kate St. Pierre’s powerful, soulful vocals, only to be topped off by Jeremiah’s orchestral layering arrangements. Nagari is by far Solace’s most intriguing and anticipated releases on EMP, harking back to the days of Shawaza and The Gathering Season in tempo, mood and intensity.
Release date: Fall 2006

    1. Judgemental Wound
    2. Nagari
    3. Jiva
    4. Coveting Bes
    5. Pharisee’s Prayer
    6. Bane Of Desire
    7. Sorrow & Veil
    8. Serpent’s Kiss
    9. Strange Flesh
    10. Heretic
    11. Naga
    12. Death In Sin
    13. Condemnation
    14. End Of Religion