Moon Moth Mixes | Solace

Jeremiah M. Soto performs on frame drum with his wife Talia of Omi Mahina Fusion Dance for an upgraded special edition of Moon Moth Mixes.

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Enjoy the new and upgraded artwork featuring Jeremiah M. Soto & his wife Talia Phoenix of Omi Mahina. Combining Arabic and Indian sounds with electronic elements, perfect for dance class drills & exotic ambient chillout music.

Originally produced by Solace as a Belly Dance Practice Companion and re-released on the 10 year anniversary with upgraded artwork, The Moon Moth Mixes is a collection of five 13+ minute tracks designed for belly dance class/workshop use and drilling. One of Solace’s most popular albums and originally produced with dancers in mind, this collection has been embraced by electronic, ambient and world music lovers.

Each track maintains a steady tempo for the entire length of the song, while the feel of the tracks weave in and out of many moods creating an amazing array of diversity. There are two slow tracks: one frame drum piece and one electronica piece, and three uptempo tracks in varying tempos from slower, to medium, to fast, so that you can progress your class or your own drilling with the advancement of your proficiency. Whether finding inspiration to dig deep into your dance practice or using the music to escape into a relaxed and exotic mood Moon Moth Mixes invites you to listen and indulge.