Moon Moth Mixes | Solace

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Produced by Solace and Blue Damsel’s Rachel Lazarus Soto, Moon Moth Mixes is a collection of five 13+ minute tracks designed for belly dance class/workshop use and drilling. Each track maintains a steady tempo for the entire length of the song, while the feel of the tracks weave in and out of many moods creating an amazing array of diversity. There are two slow tracks: one frame drum piece and one electronica piece, and three uptempo tracks in varying tempos from slower, to medium, to fast, so that you can progress your class or your own drilling with the advancement of your proficiency. Featured in the mixes are samples from Ruben van Rompaey’s re-released Eastern Expressions 2: Gomera, Maduro’s Shimmer Sustain, Solace’s Nagari, as well as a full length remix of ‘Jiva’, from Solace’s Nagari, and a full length remix of ‘Sleeping Sober’ from the upcoming (early 2008) Solace Release Opium Head. These mixes were assembled by Jeremiah Soto, the writer/producer of Solace, and may be considered some of his finest work yet.