Iman | World Music by Solace

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“Iman” travels like a songbird, gliding over a sea of string arrangements and percussion, as haunting vocals reminisce of memories of lost faith and renewed devotion. Iman is more uplifting and minimal than most Solace releases in that instead of the typical “in your face” compositions; Iman pulls back on some of the heaviness of the music, showcasing the beautiful subtleties of the strings, percussion and vocals. Many have said that Iman seems more user friendly for American ears as well as more accessible for Middle Eastern dance.
Release date: Spring 2002

    1. Saalik
    2. Iman
    3. Raghba
    4. Tafani
    5. The Calling
    6. Azure
    7. Akhawat
    8. Foreshadow
    9. Basharaat
    10. Saalik 2