Gorgon Days | Electronica | Tribal Fusion

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The latest album by acclaimed dark fusion maestro Solace is indeed a deadly temptress. It stares piercingly with granite eyes right though your soul, it’s writhing snake hair hissing menacingly before beckoning you seductively, enticing you to lower your guard before the kill. Gorgon Days is Solace’s most complete and heartfelt work to date. The music is typically dark, mystical, and gothically exotic, and yet has a style that transcends genres. Elements of world music, with hypnotic Arabic percussion, permeate it’s fragile interior, but the electronic beats have an IDM quality, making it an edgier companion to the work
of Dead Can Dance. The album’s subject matter reflects Jeremiah Soto’s inner demons and outer frustrations. It’s a deeply personal journey into the heart of darkness, laying demons to rest in an ultimately therapeutic and liberating sonic experience.


    1. No Dawn
    2. Never Does The Light Shine On Me
    3. Grey Day
    4. Ghost Girl Sings
    5. Discordia Coming
    6. Full Blown Stutter
    7. Gross Neglect
    8. A Chased Dog
    9. Better Days
    10. Contemplative Invalid
    11. Blind in One Eye
    12. A Beautiful Death