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There lies a place not often explored where the dragon and phoenix struggle toward balance. Tibetan horns are heard far off in the distance; flutes and vocals hum a solemn melody, fingers dance on the strings of a lute; rumbling drums echo like a crescendo of gusting wind. Solace takes us farther east fusing Middle Eastern compositions with Far Eastern themes and percussion. “Balance” marriages these distinct tonalities creating a unique cross-cultural blend of traditionalism and the electronic elements of Ambient, Trance and Trip-Hop.
Release date: Spring 2005

    1. Ping Heng
    2. Dragon & Sword
    3. Haiku
    4. Djinn
    5. Red Dragon vs. Phoenix
    6. Kimono Mojo
    7. Indigo Dragonfly
    8. Miss Anime
    9. Ashes To Phoenix
    10. Tiger Moon Dance
    11. Feitian
    12. Wither, My Lotus Flower