Anathema and Other Lost Stories | World Music | Tribal Fusion Music | Electronica

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Anathema is a collection of forgotten ideas, misplaced dreams and new inspirations, found, remade, and realized. There is a bit of old, and new; medium and rare. You might recognize some, others may perplex you or astonish you, even disgust you. Regardless how you might feel about it, its Solace, out of the box, non-conforming, yet delicious like a Hostess cupcake.


    1. Anathema
    2. Advent
    3. Salt to Wound
    4. Minus Self
    5. Undesire
    6. Akhertoh Kilmah
    7. Theme of Virus
    8. Anathema – Lucidity Lo-Fi Subterranean Remix
    9. I Want Your Head on a Platter Remix
    10. Serpents Kiss – The Venomous Kiss Remix
    11. Hand over Mouth